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Mohamed Rashed Almazrouei

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Mohamed Rashed Almazrouei

My passion for data science and statistics

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My name is Mohamed Rashed Almazrouei, and I am a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am currently pursuing a major in data science and recently completed my first semester of college with a GPA of 3.767. I am proud to have been named to the College of Letters and Science Dean’s List, which you can verify through this link:

which you can verify through this link

data science and statistics

My passion for data science and statistics has driven me to explore various applications of these fields. One of my personal projects involved creating a model to predict stock performance in the future, enabling more calculated investment strategies using current data combined with machine learning techniques. In addition, I have developed an app using the coding software R-Studio, which allows anyone to utilize the power of data analysis and make informed decisions. I am excited to continue my academic journey, expand my knowledge, and contribute to the field of data science.

Predictive Model for Stock Market Analysis

predicting stock price app

This a preview in case you wish to see what the app would look like without having to download R-studio

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